The Van Wyck Press B3 Page
An article appeared in the Carolina Gateway of 26 February 2013 by J.R. Wilt which refered to a B3 proposal developed in April 2012. A copy of the proposal may be downloaded to your computer by clicking on the link below. The file is in Word 97 format, which is supported by most popular word processers, and should open in your machine if you click on it after the download is complete. Your browser may give a "Do you really want to open this file" message; you will need to click "Open" or "Yes" or "Run"  as appropriate.  Sorry for the cumbersome process. This file has some tables in it that do not display correctly in html.


This proposal was presented to and approved by the Planning Commission on 17 April 2012. The minutes of that Planning Commission meeting may be found here. You can download the presentation and the minutes both and read the minutes while following along the presentation if you wish. There was a lot of interesting discussion at the Planning Commission meeting; you will gain a good understanding of the proposal if you do this. The B3 material begins on page 3 of the Planning Commission minutes.

The original article that appeared in the Carolina Gateway on 26 February 2013 may be found here.

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J.R. Wilt