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Volume 3 Number 9                                     3 August 2011
Basic Ideas

AARP Not a Defender of Seniors
    Once a clear voice for the interests of those 55 and over, the AARP now makes so much money from the sale of endorsed products such as insurance that it can no longer be considered an unbiased voice for seniors.

The Fair Tax
Don't Even Think About It
    In his news conference after signing the debt ceiling bill, President Obama indicated that when Congress returns in September it would be all about jobs, jobs, jobs and that he would even consider some sort of a consumption tax. Having just signed the largest (although still far too small) spending decrease (actually a decrease in an increase, leaving a net increase)  in US history, the President is immediately seeking a new route to take cash out of taxpayers' pockets so he can spend more money. Don't even think about it.

J.R. Wilt
From the Editor
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    J.R. Wilt, Editor and Publisher

Palmetto Freedom Forum
    US Senator Jim DeMint will host the Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, SC on Labor Day, Monday afternoon, 5 September 2011 at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. All candidates for the Republican Presidential Nomination with significant support will be invited. Each candidate will be invited to engage separately with  a panel that includes Sen. DeMint, US Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Dr. Robert George, founder of the American Principles Project and a professor at Princeton University. The event is sponsored by the American Principles Project.

Debt Ceiling Issue  The Coming Fight
    A $2.4T decrease in planned spending increases ten years from now does not sound like much of a trade for $900B in debt ceiling increase that will be gone in six months. This even if the reductions did not depend on actions of a committee yet to be appointed.
    This matter will carry over into the 2012 elections. America is behaving much like an 800 pound gorilla spending addict facing withdrawal. We all know that the only hope for recovery is removal of excess spending, but both RINOs and Democrats are shouting "Give the gorilla another fix!." and "Compromise - Give the gorilla half a fix!" This fix, or half fix as it may be, is not going to work any better than the last fix did, it will just bring the gorilla another step closer to death.
    The debacle of the last month is nothing to what is coming when the discipline is being imposed not by TEA Party types saying "Get Real" but by investors saying "We won't loan any more money."
    We need to retain the House and gain the Senate and the Presidency in 2012 to make meaningful progress. It looks to be an arduous path.

SC District 5
Constitution Day Rally
     Republicans from SC District 5 will hold a 2012 Campaign Pep Rally from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Buford Recreation Center Complex on Constitution Day, Saturday 17 September 2011. A combination rally and 2012 Campaign kick-off, the afternoon will feature candidates, patriotic music, food, vendors, activities for children and lots of fun and fellowship. Bring your own chairs if you want to sit. The event will move indoors if it rains, so come rain or shine. Address: 4073 Hurley Walters Road, Lancaster, SC  29720. This site is a short distance from the  memorial to those slain at the Revolutionary War Buford Massacre on 29 May 1780.
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South Carolina Votes Nay
    We owe the South Carolina Congressional delegation a vote of thanks for standing firm on the debt ceiling issue.
    Congressmen Mulvaney, Scott, Gowdy, Wilson and Duncan, you have stood when it needed to be done and been reviled in the national media for it.  You have been labeled the ultimate Washington villain, he who will not compromise. We, however, the people who elected you to this difficult and often thankless job, want you to know how much we appreciate your courage. It is wrong to compromise with those who advocate for what has been shown what will not work and we appreciate your willingness to stand up for us..
    We understand why increasing taxes does not produce additional revenue and puzzle at why some find this difficult to comprehend. The reason is that Americans are free. If tax rates on private jets are increased, Americans are free to do without private jets. The government collects a little private jet tax money, much less than projected, but the market for private jets is decimated because a lot of private jets are suddenly for sale. Employees who used to build, service, sell and cater to private jets lose their jobs, stop paying employment taxes and begin collecting unemployment insurance. The net effect is negative.
    Changing the tax code to eliminate preferences and make it more fair needs to be done, but don't count on the changes to produce any more revenue.
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