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Volume 4 Number 1                                   8 January 2012
Basic Ideas

I95 Corridor
Action Needed
    The I95 Corridor Authority is a whole new unneeded level of state government. Run by a group of appointed bureaucrats, it would have the authority to do whatever it felt needed doing to further its mission of developing the I95 Corridor. Local and county governments would lose their ability to govern in any area for which the I95 Corridor Authority claimed jurisdiction.
    This bill (S211) passed both houses of the SC Legislature last year but was vetoed by the Governor. The Senate voted last year to override the Governor's veto. This bill will come before the SC House on Tuesday 10 January. It is extremely important that the House sustain the Governor's veto of S211. Contact your Representative and make sure he/she is on board.

J.R. Wilt
From the Editor
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    J.R. Wilt, Editor and Publisher

    The situation in Hungary is rapidly becoming critical. Last spring a political party that intends to impose a dictatorship came to power and imposed a new constitution on this small country. The constitution took effect January 1, 2012. Civil rights have largely been eliminated. The country's currency is in a crisis that threatens to destabilize European Union.

National Defense
    The prime mission of the Federal government is to protect this nation from foreign threats. President Obama yesterday chose to reduce the military capability of this country from a two war strategy to a one war strategy. The president plans to shift the money saved by this reduction in defense capability to social programs. This logic cannot be allowed to prevail. The citizens of this country do not have the ability to defend themselves outside the capabilities of the federal government. Social programs however can easily be implemented by citizens by churches and charities.
    The US has been under attack by gradually increasing basis for many years.terrorists have bombed US embassies, US military installations, US warships, US airliners and government installations within the continental United States. The US has chosen generally not to respond to these situations. The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center towers did finally  provoke a response from the United States. The last 10 years US military has been successfully responding to worsen the same time that has felt strained at times but its inability to respond to other races situations elsewhere in the world. This is not the time to reduce the ability of the US military to respond to defend the interests of this country. This is not an ability that citizens can provide for themselvesand not something that can be rebuilt quickly. As soon as the US shows weakness the need for additional capability will increase as those who would do the US harm find it easier to achieve their objectives.

Imperial President
    5 January 2012 - President Obama deliberately flouted the Constitution today when he made several interim appointments while the Senate was still in session.  The President could have complied with the Constitution by making these appointments is the brief interval between the first and second sessions of the current Congress. Rather than take the acceptable path, the President chose to thumb his nose at Congress and, more importantly, the Constitution by deliberately making the appointments while the Senate was nominally in session.
    This is a separation of powers question and belongs in front of the Supreme Court. Congress clearly has the right to make its own rules and decide for itself when it is it is not in session. The president has asserted the right to decide for himself when Congress is and is not in session. This cannot be allowed to stand. I sincerely hope that someone negatively affected by a decision made by one of the more of these appointees will protest the legality of these appointments and request the Supreme Court to review this matter promptly.

Lancaster County Republican Women
The Lancaster County Republican Women are revisiting the Declatation of Independence and the US Constitutions an appropriate reminder of personal responsibility and individual freedom in preparation for the 2012 election year. A lecture will be presented by Wendy Petzel of Fort Mill on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, at 11:30 a.m. in the Board Room of Springs Memorial Hospital, 800 W. Meeting St., Lancaster, SC  29720. The Board Room is located near the reception desk in the main lobby.
    All interested women age 18 or older are invited.
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