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Volume 4 Number 2                                  11 January 2012
Basic Ideas

Speaker Harrell on Vetos
   10 January 2012 -  In August of 2011 the SC Supreme Court struck down an override of the Governor's veto by the Legislature. The immediate issue was the practice in the Legislature of voting on bills affecting only a single area. It has been the practice of the Legislature  that only the members from the affected area vote on the measure. In the instant measure, the Governor's veto of a bill was overturned in the Senate by a single vote because , although a quorum of the Senate was in session, only a single member voted on the motion to overturn the veto. The recorded vote was 1 - 0. The Supreme Court decision, which contains a summary of the case, may be found here.  
    Speaker Harrell addressed the subject of the impact of the Supreme Court decision on procedures in the SC House on the record on 10 January 2012. His comments may be found here.    

J.R. Wilt
From the Editor
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    J.R. Wilt, Editor and Publisher

I-95 Corridor Authority Goes Down
10 January 2012 - The SC House voted 76-47 today to sustain the Governor's veto of the I-95 Corridor Authority bill, S-211. This bill would have created a whole new level of state government. The state is much better off without it. Thanks to the 76 Representatives who made it so.  The extract from the House Journal showing the Ayes and Nays is available here.  Note that a Nay vote is a vote to sustain the Governor's veto.

Governor Rick Perry
Rick Perry
in Sun City

    10 January 2012 - Governor and Presidential Candidate Rick Perry gave a Town Hall presentation at Sun City Carolina Lakes in Indian Land, SC this morning. Governor Perry is far more impressive in person than he is on television. He may be the candidate best able to withstand the pressures exerted by the system on a newly elected President. His service in the Air Force sets him apart from the other candidates as well.

Investors Pay Germany
    9 January 2012 - Germany sold €3.9 Billion in six month notes at a negative interest rate of -0.01% today. This comes after a December auction in which Germany placed paper at 0.001% interest in an auction that was 3.8 times oversubscribed. Denmark has also recently placed paper at a negative interest rate. Der Spiegel 9 Jan 2012. For comparison, the US Treasury is paying 0.051% for six month money.
     That interest rates are so low implies that there is a lot of money floating around in the world looking for an investment. Inflation is a primary fear of such investors; the negative interest rate for Germany and Denmark says that investors believe that inflation is less of a risk in these countries than it is in the US. Germany and Denmark have their economies under control; the US does not.
SC to Sue DOJ Over Voter ID
    10 January 2012 - Governor Haley, Attorney General Wilson, Speaker Harrell and SC Sen. Kevin Bryant announced today that South Carolina will sue the Department of Justice to reverse the DOJ rejection of South Carolina's Voter ID law. A 15 minute video of the press conference announcing the state's intention to sue may be found here.
    In 2010 South Carolina passed a voter ID law requiring a picture ID (driver's license or DMV Photo ID) at the polling place in order to vote by machine. Voter IDs are provided for free including transportation to the local
DMV office, and voters arriving at the polls without acceptable ID are allowed to vote via paper ballot, sign an affidavit of identity and appear at the local voter registration off with acceptable ID within several days of the election to get their vote counted.
    South Carolina is required by the Federal Voting Rights Act to submit changes to its election laws to the Department of Justice for approval. The DOJ rejected the Voter ID requirement as unduly burdensome to minorities.


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