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Volume 4 Number 3                                   22 January 2012
Basic Ideas

DeeDee Vaughters
    DeeDee Vaughters is running for the SC Senate in District 26 currently held by Nikki Setzler (D). 

Warren Buffett - US Taxes Should Increase - to 18% of GDP 
    23 January 2012 - Well known financial maven Warren Buffett was interviewed this morning on Bloomberg News TV. He commented that he thought that the US tax rate was too low at about 16% of GDP, and should be increased to 18% of GDP. Buffett said that he realized that spending cuts would also be required to bring the federal budget into balance.
    Buffett is widely cited by the Obama administration for advocating increased taxes, but it turns out that the level to which he believes they should be increased is exactly that advocated by most TEA Party members and in the Cut, Cap and Balance proposal by conservative Republicans and authored by Mick Mulvaney.


J.R. Wilt
From the Editor
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    J.R. Wilt, Editor and Publisher

 SOPA & PIPA Must Go Down
     The Stop Online Piracy Act (US House) and its Senate companion the Protect IP Act will allow the arbitrary shutdown of Internet sites based on accusations of piracy - no trial, no warrant, no judge, no grand jury, just an accusation. The bills would forbid Internet search engines such as Google from indexing sites accused of piracy and make them liable for damages caused by their relaying of information concerning sites accused of promoting piracy. It would also forbid payment processors from processing financial transactions originating from the sites based on unproved allegations of piracy. This is like making a newspaper liable for a crime based on printing a picture of a criminal. There is no excuse for such nonsense.
Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline
    18 January 2012 - The Keystone Pipeline would move oil from the oil sands in Alberta, Canada to refineries in Texas that can process it. President Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline today based on inadequate time to review it. This is nonsense; the pipeline project has been moving forward for several years. The State Department, which has jurisdiction because the project crosses an international border, has simply not been paying attention and is not really equipped to do the job. The Canadians cannot wait forever while President Obama uses the project to play politics; their timetable calls for sending the oil to the west coast for shipment to China if the US doesn't want it. President Obama is apparently incapable of organizing his government in a way that permits such decisions to be made in a reasonable period of time. Time for a new President.

Budget and Control Board
    The SC Budget and Control Board needs to say goodbye. H3066, the bill that would replace the Reconstruction era Budget and Control Board with a Department of Administration under the control of the Governor, has been amended to abolish the Budget and Control Board rather than transfer its powers to the Department of Administration and leave the Budget and Control Board standing. H3066 has been passed by the House and stands before the Senate suitably amended and ready for passage. Sen. Leatherman seems to have developed an attachment for the Budget and Control Board and sought to strip the amendment from the bill. He seems to have failed. We don't need this. The Budget and Control Board needs to be allowed to die and rest in peace.  

Katrina Pierson, Dallas TEA Party, speaker at the TEA Party Coalition in Myrtle Beach SC TEA Party Coalition
    Something over 600 TEA Party members from across the state met in Myrtle Beach on 15 and 16 January under the banner of the SC TEA Party Coalition. Organized by Myrtle Beach TEA Party icon Joe Dugan, the meeting featured speakers on all aspects of the TEA Party effort, including presentations by Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Our thanks to Joe Dugan for organizing this memorable event.
Mulvaney Staff District Visits

    Congressman Mick Mulvaney has announced  a program of service to District 5 residents in which staff members will visit various areas of the district on a regular schedule.  All residents of the District who can use assistance from the Congressman  on any topic at all are welcome to come to these visits to receive help with any matter that might benefit from Congressional attention. SC District 5 covers a very wide geographical area and this program should greatly ease the travel burden on District residents. Assistance is also available at the Rock Hill office via telephone at 803-327-1114 and at the DC office at 202-225-5501.
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