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Volume 4 Number 6                                     16 October 2012
Basic Ideas

Unemployment at 7.8%?
   The national unemployment rate was reported Friday 5 October as decreasing to 7.8%. What actually happened?
     As a little discussed story in Friday's (5 Oct 2012) New York Times makes clear, a lot of college students, unemployed during August, returned to school and their part time college jobs in September. That's all. Were the numbers fudged? Very unlikely. Is the recession over? No. Did Obama finally do something right? No, he caught a lucky break in that the numbers look like something good happened. Those kids that went back to school are actually in lousy financial shape because they didn't have good summer jobs. Despite the heartening appearance, there is little good news in this unemployment number.  Revisions may come out Friday 2 November just before the election.

J.R. Wilt
From the Editor
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    J.R. Wilt, Editor and Publisher

Help Romney
Call From Home
    You can make phone calls into swing states from home between 9 AM and 9 PM local time using a computer and your telephone. If using a land line there is no cost; if using a cell phone it will cost you minutes. Use this link to register or log in. Complete instructions are on the website, but essentially you give the computer the telephone number you wish to use to make the calls. The computer calls the recipient and you at the same time, then connects the calls together when both phones are ringing. The recipient's name, the script and various appropriate responses appear on the computer screen. You may get a lot of ring no answer (nobody home), but every person you do talk to is a vote Mitt needs to win.

Help Romney
Work in NC
    North Carolina was lost to Barack Obama by 14,000 votes in 2008. SCGOP Palmetto Patriots are South Carolina Republicans who migrate across the border to help North Carolina Republicans make sure that doesn't happen again and have a lot of fun doing it. You can sign up using the link above, contact Tricia O'Toole at 704-726-5409 or just show up at the Charlotte Victory Office, 1329 East Morehead Street, Charlotte, NC  28204. They stuff envelopes, make phone calls, go door to door, and generally do what needs to be done to make sure North Carolina goes for Romney on 6 November.

Transaction Tax
    According to Der Spiegel for 9 October 2012, eleven European countries have agreed to work toward implementing a transaction tax by 2014. Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain participated in the agreement. The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom remain opposed to the tax; Sweden tried something similar thirty years ago and lost a lot of business as traders moved to countries where transactions were not taxed. The tax currently being discussed is 0.1% of each stock or bond transaction and 0.01% of each option transaction. In a similar story on 10 October 2012 New York Times reported that this tax might raise $75B per year in Europe while giving the United Kingdom a free pass, thus reinforcing the position of London as Europe's financial center.
    If Obama succeeds as President, he will be wanting to move government to 35 - 40% of GDP, and will need a new tax in order to do that. A nice transaction tax on the big bad bankers would be an easy sell.
    What this country does not need is a new and better way to take money out of the economy and give it to the government to spend, no matter how easy and attractive it might seem to make the big, bad bankers pay for all the trouble they have allegedly caused.  That money will, in the end, come out of your IRA, 401k, bank or brokerage account.

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Take Back Columbia Rally
    A Take Back Columbia Rally will unfold at the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill on 16 October with a Meet and Greet at 6 PM and speakers beginning at 7 PM. Committed speakers include Joe Thompson, Petition Candidate for Senate District 15, Bob Carrison, GOP Candidate for Senate District 17, Kerry Wood, Petition Candidate for Senate District 11, Talbert Black, Palmetto Liberty PAC, Karen Martin, Spartanburg Tea Party and Kevin Thomas, Fairfield GOP. Incumbent Senators Tom Davis and Greg Gregory have tentatively committed.     
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