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Volume 2 Number 4 The Web – Based Newspaper of the Van Wyck Community             2 June 2010

Herb Blainey is In Jail
Relay for Life
    The Community Development Club donated the use of children's rides to the Relay For Life at the Brooklyn Springs Elementary School on 23 April. Volunteers were Gene Reinhardt, Herb Blainey and Chris Madden.  Herb Blainey was "Arrested" and put in "Jail". His friends were required to bail him out, with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

Citizens of the Year
Brittney Hood
Brittney Hood
Dmitri Anthony
Dmitri Anthony
     The community of Van Wyck has recognized its own Brittney Demi Hood and Dimitri Montreal Anthony, both Indian Land High School seniors, as outstanding young citizens.
    For the annual award, Hood and Anthony received a certificate and $25 during the Van Wyck Community Development Club’s monthly meeting on May 4.
    “You represent the community well,” said Jimmy Fox, chairman of the club’s outstanding young citizen committee. “You are role models to the community and others.”
    Hood, an accomplished singer, plans to study business administration and photography at York Technical College. She has received honors for choir at school, placing third in chorus competition for sight reading, and is involved in activities at White Oak AME Zion Church and Mt. Zion Baptist Church.
    “I appreciate my community,” Hood said. “I’m so blessed to have friends and family to support me.”
    Anthony, best known as a tough defensive lineman, plans to attend South Carolina State University for computer engineering and try out for the Bulldog football team. An Eagle scout, he has received character and principal’s choice awards as well as a number of football honors.        “It feels good to be recognized because I’ve been in this community all my life,” Anthony said.

Destiny Bryan's Thank You Art
Brooklyn Springs Outing 
   About 70 third grade students from the Brooklyn Springs Elementary School together with their teachers and chaperones enjoyed an outing at the Van Wyck Community Development Center on 14 May 2010,  The students enjoyed the train, the Gem Mine and and sixteen other games and activities as guests of the Van Wyck Community Development Club. This is the second year for this activity.  The students enjoyed themselves; examples of the art included in thank you notes from the students are shown above and below.
Carley's Thank You Art

Representative Nikki Haley, Republican Candidate for Governor
Rep. Nikki Haley
    Rep. Nikki Haley was the most impressive of the five Republican candidates for Governor at the candidate presentation in Rock Hill earlier this month. I say this because she responded to a question about dealing with Federal handouts  by pointing out that Federal handouts usually carry with them mandated changes and costs for states. Her answer to the question was "I think that we should see how many of them we can do without." This response coupled with her background as an accountant, businesswoman and problem solver  moved her to the top of my list of desirable candidates.
    Rep. Haley stayed well back in the polls until she was endorsed by Sarah Palin a few days ago. This endorsement turned Rep. Haley into a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Within days of the Palin endorsement Rep. Haley faced allegations of infidelity, much as Sarah Palin did when she vaulted onto the national scene. This is the dirtiest of dirty politics. There is no reason at all to think that Rep. Haley has engaged in any sort of misconduct and every reason to think that she would make an excellant governor for South Carolina, She gets my vote.
    J.R. Wilt
Primary Election
    8 June is the date for Primary Elections. Registered voters should vote at the same polling place that they normally use. The registration deadline has passed for this election; if you are not already registered you cannot vote in this election. Many candidates are running for both Democratic and Republican nominations to run in the general election in November.     A runoff primary election is scheduled for 23 June to settle races in which no candidate receives enough votes to secure the nomination. A complete list of candidates and their websites was publiushed in the last issue of the Van Wyck News.
Gerald Sullivan Memorial Scholarship
      The Gerald Sullivan Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the Community Development Club to a graduating senior at Indian Land High School who plans to seek further training in construction engineering. The recipient for 2010 is John Chapman, who received $500 to assist with his program of study at East Carolina University.

Rabies Clinic
    More than 150 people came to the Rabies Clinic put on by Faulkner Animal Hospital at the Community Development Center on 27 April.

Bluegrass Jam Sessions
    Bluegrass jam sessions will begin on a once a month schedule in the Community Development Center as soon as the rest of the acoustic panels are installed. The acoustic panels are about half installed now and the acoustic properties of the building are much improved. Installation of the rest of the acoustic panels is planned for Wednesday 9 April at 6 PM (feel free to come and help).

    Van Wyck CrimeWatch does not meet during the summer. The next meeting will be 7 September at 7 PM in the Community Center.

Up in the Air
Spring Fling
    The Community Development Club Spring Fling and Antique Tractor Show was held on Saturday, 22 May 2010. Rides and games for children and many vendors were featured, including the train, the Gem Mine and the Air Ride provided by the Greater New Hope Church.  Mid-day rain hampered the activities to some extent, but most of the vendors and attendees stayed through the rain and enjoyed the sunshine before and after.
Loma Ash
Peter Pan (Miss Ash) pans for gems
Driving the Train
Ollie Bass' granddaughter Jennifer in the Train
Cathy Madden getting wet

    The Greater New Hope Soup Kitchen has expanded its dinner service to four days per week from three. Dinner is now served from 4 - 6 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Anyone who arrives at the Soup Kitchen (201 S. Ferguson St, Lancaster) during these hours and wishes to eat is served a nutritious hot dinner at no charge in a bright, pleasant environment. There are no forms to fill out, certifications to make or questions to answer beyond the simple "Would you like to eat dinner?" Nearly 1100 meals were served during April, 2010.

Feeding the Hungry
    Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.          The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.

Fall Events
Van Wyck Celebration and Car Show - 11 September 2010.
Christmas Parade - 11 December 2010 at noon.
Lighting of the Way - 12 December 2010.
    Pole Assembly - 27 Nov, rain date 4 December 2010.

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