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Volume 2 Number 11 The Web – Based Newspaper of the Van Wyck Community             15 December 2010

Executive Director Alisa Parker and an Unidentified Friend
Greater New Hope Soup Kitchen Thanksgiving
    On 20 November the Greater New Hope Soup Kitchen celebrated Thanksgiving by serving a free turkey dinner with all the trimmings to several hundred people who otherwise would have gone hungry. The GNHSK serves dinner four nights a week to those who would otherwise go hungry, more than 1700 people per month.

Rev. Randy McSpadden and Rev. Brenda Curtis
light the first candle

Lighting of the Way
    The Lighting of the Way actually begins several weeks before the ceremony with the setting of the poles. Thanks to Betty George for organizing this tedious operation and to Robert Conrade of Fitapatrick Lawn and  Landscape for the use of a gasoline powered auger.
    The Lighting of the Way ceremony commenced at 4:30 on Sunday 12 December 2010 with the lighting of the first candle amid high winds and cold. The procession moved from the Van Wyck Post Office to the Van Wyck Presbyterian Church, the United Methodist Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church, the AME Zion Church and then to the Community Center for refreshments. At each church there were a few words from the Pastor and a few songs by the choir. The ceremony at the AME Zion Church was particularly moving in that this service traditionally ends with the hymn "Go Tell It On The Mountain" with Wilkie Witherspoon leading the song. Wilkie Witherspoon died on 30 October 2010 and there was considerable speculation as to how the church would choose to continue the service. As it turned out, Wilkie's only surviving brother, Clarence, stepped in and very capably led "Go Tell It On The Mountain" in memory of his brother. It was a fitting tribute to Wilkie, a much loved member of the Van Wyck community and a moving moment for all in attendance.
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Indian Land Fire District Tax
       Some people who vote at the Van Wyck Community Center are actually in the proposed Indian Land Fire District. The only way to be sure is to call the County Assessor's Office (803-285-6964) and ask if they are planning to send you a bill if the Indian Fire District comes into being.
    It is becoming more and more clear that the proposed Indian Land Fire District is a very bad idea. The funds to be generated by the proposed tax are double or triple the money required to support all the needs of the existing Indian Land Fire Department. There is no budget or demonstrated need for this excess money. The excess money will go into a "slush fund" to be spent at the discretion of a board of citizens not responsible to the taxpayers.
    The Board will not be required to publicize or seek public approval for its expenditures, needing only to send its budget to County Council for approval each year. The $75 per year tax can increase without limit if the Board simply obtains approval of its budget by County Council. Approval by the voters is not required.
    This should be raising all kinds of alarm bells - $200,000 or more per year of tax money going into a fund controlled by a group of people not responsible to the voters is an invitation to abuse.
      This fund is being financed by a flat tax that does not take into account ability to pay. For low income people creation of the Fire District will be taking food off the table and transferring the money to a slush fund "in case we decide to do something else."
    It is difficult to envision a better example of bad government gone amuck.

    Call your County Council representative and urge a "Nay" vote on the Indian Land Fire District. If you are in the Indian Land Fire District, vote "No" in the nonbinding referendum on 18 January.  Read the proposed ordinance here beginning on p. 37.

Questions? Se
nd me mail.
Dillon Denton
    Van Wyck and the firefighting world were much saddened by the untimely death of Dillon Denton on Tuesday 6 December 2010. A husband, father, grandfather, church member and longtime firefighter in the Van Wyck Fire Department, Dillon was well known for his ready smile, meticulous attention to detail and willingness to chip in to get the job done, whatever the job might be. He will be sorely missed.

Betty Broome, Eleanor Threatt, Rev. Jimmy Fox as "Clownie the Clown" and Carolyn Taylor
Van Wyck Christmas Parade
    The Van Wyck  Community Development Club Second annual Christmas Parade was held on 11 December 2010 with more units, a longer route and much fun for kids of all ages. The Indian Land JROTC and Marching Band highlighted a parade that included a fire truck, police car and numerous civic units. Participants and spectators adjourned to the Community Center for Pictures with Santa, hot coffee and treats after the parade.
    Those who did not pick their Pictures With Santa on Saturday may pick them up at the Van Wyck Post Office during normal business hours.
Community Development Club President Ollie Bass gives his Christmas Wish List to Santa and Mrs. Claus
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Feeding the Hungry
    Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.
See you in 2011.

Council Member District Telephone Email
Larry McCullough 1 803-802-5888
Charlene McGriff 2 803-286-5232
D. W. "Cotton" Cole 3 803-416-5291
Larry Honeycutt 4  803-246-0021
Rudy Carter 5 803-286-4961
Jack Estridge 6 803-475-2849
Kathy Sistare 7 803-286-4705

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