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Volume 3 Number 7 The Web – Based Newspaper of the Van Wyck Community             5 June 2011
Current County Zoning Map (2010)
County Plans to Re-Zone
    At the request of County Council the County Planning Department  and Assistant County Administrator Jeff Natal have undertaken to completely rewrite the County's zoning law and the Unified Development Ordinance. Nominally this rewrite was undertaken to implement the Route 521 - SC9 Corridor Study completed last year. The proposed text of the new zoning ordinance was released last week at two public meetings. Total attendance at the two public meetings was 30. The County has released comments received at the public meetings and responses to those comments.
    The hodge-podge of zoning in the Indian Land area was caused by the willingness of previous County Councils to make whatever zoning changes were required to get a developer to spend money rather than implement a comprehensive approach to development. The difficulties with this opportunistic approach are the lack of adequate infrastructure and a hodge podge of small single and multifamily residential areas mixed in with small commercial, light and heavy manufacturing, offices, etc. The hodgepodge leads to incompatible uses in close proximity (think concrete plant next to single family homes), complaints and controversy.
    Indian Land is both the most promising area for further development in Lancaster County and an example of how not to do it. Infrastructure problems in the areas of power, water, sewer and police protection have been largely solved, and fire protection has been implemented via special fire districts and special fire district taxes. The schools, especially Indian Land Elementary, are or soon will be overcrowded, the roads are barely adequate and getting worse and County Council has only widening SC 160 on the table to address these problems. The traffic problem on Route 521 is bad enough that it impacts the ability of the County to develop other areas in the county, and County Council has no plans to deal with it. The Dave Lyell Extension project, seen as essential in the Corridor Study, is not even on the County's long range capital plan.
    County Council is planning to change the zoning for the entire county to a highly restrictive, urban model that is only needed for Indian Land. The primary reason for doing this is to avoid the requirement to notify each affected property owner that his/her zoning is about to change. Cost to implement a zoning change for the Indian Land area would be less than $9000.  
    Bssic documents on this topic are available in the Lancaster County Documents section and discussion and the opportunity to comment on this matter are available on the LC Blog.

    All we ask is your email address. which we do not sell or distribute except as may be required by law. We do send you a brief email when a new issue is published. The email contains a link to the new issue.
Julie Graham and Janice Ayers discuss a purchase
The Rent-a-Space Yard Sale
    On Saturday 28 June the Community Development Club held its first Rent - a - Space Yard Sale at the Community Center.
    At 7:00 am on Saturday the sky was still overcast. On Friday afternoon we received more than 2 1/4 inches of rain between 4:00 and 5:00. There was some flooding here. But the overcast skies did not dampen the the spirit of the vendors or sellers on Saturday. There were lots of vendors and they had lots to sell ranging from a Kawasaki motorcycle, an 8N Ford Tractor, a woodstove, all sorts of tools, kitchen and household items, jewelry and a set of four exquisite wine glasses. People were buying! and eating!

    Breakfast foods included sausage biscuits (donated by Barbara Broussard), doughnuts, etc.
    Lunch was hotdogs, chips, drinks and assorted cookies and cupcakes provided by the Van Wyck Woman's Club.
    Story and Pictures Courtesy of Betty Broome

The Van Wyck Press Lancaster County Blog
    The Van Wyck Press has instituted  new service for residents of Lancaster County in the form of a Lancaster County Blog and a Lancaster County Documents section on the Van Wyck Press website. Although a lot of information concerning Lancaster County Government is available in the Documents section and commentary on Lancaster County Government is available on the Blog, these sites are owned and maintained by Van Wyck Press.
    Lancaster County Government is not always as transparent as it might be, as was shown by the sanitary landfill matter this winter and spring. The Van Wyck Press has decided to deliberately seek out information that is available, but not normally published, concerning Lancaster County and make this information available on its website in the Lancaster County Documents section. It seems to us that open discussion of the various items before the County can only be beneficial, and has established the LC Blog to assist in this effort. The LC Blog will be what readers make it. Current topics are the Lancaster County Budget (including the normally unpublicized Capital Improvement and Funds budgets), the  Landfill Problems, the current effoet to rework the Zoning and Development (UDO) ordinance, and What Do We Expect from Lancaster County. This list will expand and contract based on reader responses.
    Anyone can access information in the LC Documents Section of the Van Wyck Press website and anyone can  post comments to the LC Blog. Readers are welcome to suggest new categories and submit posts on new topics as comments in the General Category or by contacting the Administrator.. Topics need not be limited to Lancaster County Government. all posts and comments must be signed, but handles (Joe123, Waxman, etc.) are permitted for those who are reluctant to use their real names.
    Have fun!

Feeding the Hungry
Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.

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