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Volume 3 Number 14 A Voice for Freedom             25 October 2011
County Job Fair Successful
    Keith Tunnell, President of the Lancaster County Ecomomic Development Corporation, Inc., (LCEDC) reports that 992 applicants showed up for the Lancaster County Job Fair on 1 October. PCI Group, Continental Tire, Rico Tag, Nutrimax, McClancy Seasoning, Phillips Staffing and Profesional Staffing participated on the hiring side. Although no jobs were offered on the spot, a number of second interviews have resulted from the job fair. In addition, all resumes have been entered into a skill set database at LCEDC and will be sent to employers as additional jobs become available in the future.
    A bigger and better Job Fair is planned for early 2012.

LC Republican Women
    Lancaster County Republican Women will meet 8 November 2011 at 6:30 PM in the Assembly Room on the second floor of Springs Memorial Hospital, 800 W. Meeting St., Lancaster. See the event brochure here.

County Council B3 Committee
.    At is 24 October meeting County Council removed the freeze on zoning changes in Indian Land and formed a committee to consider modifications to the B3 (General Business) zoning classification for the Panhandle area. The Committee consists of Councilpersons McCullough, Chair , Honeycutt and McGriff, Planning Director Chris Karres and Planning Commission Chair Melvin Threatt. Citizen participation in the committee was rejected by County Council.
    Patchwork zoning has been a cause of significant problems in the Indian Land area. The most recent manifestation of the difficulties caused by this approach is the location of concrete plants in the middle of a single family residential area. This problem is caused by the unwillingness of County Council to exercise the smallest modicum of common sense in zoning matters. The County attempted to shut down the concrete plants based on a technicality in the zoning code and is currently in the position of appealing the negative decision of its own Board of Zoning Appeals to Circuit Court in an attempt to appease outraged residents.
    County Council has successively tried to blame this and numerous similar situations on an excessively broad B3 classification, former Deputy County Administrator Jeff Natal, the Planning Department and the Planning Commission.
    The solution to  these difficulties lies not with a revised B3 zoning classification but with an updated Planned Land Use Map and a Council willing to follow its own laws and procedures. Planning and zoning by exception  with favor for anyone with a pretty promise of a few jobs, must cease.

Jerry Holt
Does County Council Have Control Over Its Budget?
    Maybe not, according to Indian Land resident Jerry Holt. The problem, according to Mr. Holt, is that County Council allows unlimited transfers of funds between accounts without Council approval or even public disclosure of the changes. This means that money originally budgeted for road repair (or anything else) can be spent tp pay the telephone bill (or anything else) simply by moving the funds from one account to the other under the authority of the County Administrator. County procedures require no approval by or even notification of County Council; neither is the transfer required to be made public. Mr. Holt points out that Section 4-9-140 of the SC Code of Laws appeard to require that such changes be approved by County Council. The complete statement submitted to County Council by Mr. Holt can be found here.
    In an unusual move, the County Administrator has responded to Mr. Holt's comments in the Agenda Pckage for Monday's County Council meeting. This response is to the effect that the County Council issues a blanket approval of all fund transfers made by County Staff every once in a while. County Council does not review a list of such transfers and thus does not know any more about them than it did before issuing the approval. The budget is still out of Council's control and out of the public view, and apparently Council approves of it being that way.
    At the Council meeting on 24 October County Staff agreed to begin reporting all budget transfers to Council and the public in the form of a memorandum attached to the Agenda Package for the Council meeting next following the date of the transfer.

    That's what a group of Deese Road residents experiences when they found out by accident that the County Council planned to cloe a section of Deese Road and turn the property over to a private landowner. Ths would have deprived these people of access to their property. Fortunately, a good neighbor informed the residents of what was to happen at Third Reading at the 10 October Council meeting, residents showed up at the meeting and Council was able to correct itself with only red faces.

The Hinson Girls
The Hinson Girls at VWPC
    Van Wyck Presbyterian Church is sponsoring a monthly blue grass series on third Thursday nights. The initial concert was headlined by Van Wyck's own Hinson Girls on 20 October 2011.  Kristin, Melissa, Allison and Katelyn Hinson range in age from twelve to sixteen and form a bluegrass group of rising reputation, performing all over the Southeast. They provided an outstanding performance and then jammed with other bluegrass players from the audience. The combination, organized by Dave Cook, provided a very enjoyable evening.
Brianna Adams
Brianna Adams Wins Horse Show
     Eight year old  Brianna Adams won a blue ribbon at the Belfair Farm Horse Show on Saturday October 8, 2011. This was Brianna's first horse show. She attends a riding class for  young girls at the farm after school. The girls are picked up at the school by the farm bus for the trip to the farm. They have a riding class, help with their home work and a play period before going home at 6:00 pm. The class is open to all young girls. Contact Teri Currie at Belfair Farm in Van Wyck for information about the program.
    Brianna is the daughter of Wendy Adams and the granddaughter of Ollie and Brenda
Bass of Van Wyck.

Community Events
All are at the Community Center.
 Saturday 29 October - 4 PM - Halloween Party
Tuesday 1 November - 7 PM - CrimeWatch
Tuesday 1 November - 7:30 PM - CDC
Wednesday 2 November - 7 PM - Bluegrass Jam
Saturday 10 December - Noon - Christmas Parade.

Feeding the Hungry
Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.

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