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Volume 3 Number 14 A Voice For Freedom             27 November 2011
Happy Thanksgiving
    A belated happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there. We have a great deal to be thankful for in this great nation, especially the lives of all those who have made what we have possible.
    I apologize for the long delay between issues. I was out of town for a while, have been busy working with issues at the state level and, frankly, there is little going on in Van Wyck between Halloween and Christmas. We are are also redesigning the website in preparation for the 2012 election year. 

County 2012 Preview
   2012 is an election year and is scheduled to be the Year of the First Responders. The reason for this is that County Council members seeking re-election cannot afford to be labeled anit-first responder. The Sheriff, Fire Service, EMS and 911 services can get virtually anything they ask for in an election year.
    The Sheriff and EMS people will be seeking additional staff and equipment, particularly to staff the new Edenmoor EMS station, and there will be a major effort to consolidate the County and City of Lancaster  911 systems.
    The 911 consolidation will involve the purchase new equipment. A push will be made to obtain equipment capable of using GIS data and accepting 911 calls via text message and the Internet. There are as yet no standards for using GIS data or accepting information from the Intenet, and the FCC issued a notice of its intention to set such standards only in September 2011. Standards are thus a couple of years away, and it is premature to purchase equipment asserted to be able to do this.
    There is also a move to have all calls to County telephone numbers come to the 911 center on the odd chance that an individual will call the County phone number with an emergency message rather than call 911. This would require a substantial expansion of the 911 staff without a corresponding reduction in County staff.

    The second thing that will be happening is a wholesale attack on the Southern Panhandle zoning in the name of jobs. There has been a misguided effort going on in County Council to redefine the B3 (General Business) zoning classification and while this effort is going on there has been a moratorium on zoning changes north of Rte. 75. This moratorium was lifted at the 24 October Council meeting by a coalition of Council representatives from the southern portion of the County (McGriff, Honeycutt, Cole and Carter) on the basis that a lot of businesses would like to move into the area, mainly restaurants, and this would mean jobs for Lancaster County residents.  This would represent a return to the patchwork zoning that has resulted in so many problems in Indian Land. The real need, which Council has consistently refused to address, is an updated Planned Land Use map.    
    Another matter that may come up is a proposal to impose a 1 cent per gallon tax on gasoline and use the revenue to resurface and pave roads in Lancaster County. This is similar to the Pennies for Progress program in Rock Hill. The Lancaster County Roads and  Bridges Department will spend about $2.5 million during CY 2011 – 2012 filling potholes. The Lancaster County Transportation Commission will spend about the same amount paving roads using gasoline tax money received from the state. The LCTC is independent of County government; its members are appointed by the Governor on the recommendation of the county legislative delegation. Last year the LCTC repaved the road in front of the planned dormitory at USCL. It would seem that there should be a way to get the LCTC to better address the County's need for paved roads without invoking a gas tax to set up a separate program within the County.

Viviana Santos "I got it!"
Halloween Party Success
    The 2011 Halloween Party held 29 October at the Community Center was a success for young and old alike. Games, rides, popcorn, candy and hot dogs combined to provide a fun, safe alternative  to door to door "Trick or Treat" Halloween fun in this rural community.
Savannah Bean

Community Events
1 December - 7 PM - Bluegrass at CDC
6 December - 7 PM - CrimeWatch
6 December - 7:30 PM - CDClub
10 December - Noon - Christmas Parade
11 December - 4:30 PM -Lighting the Way
16 December - 7 PM  -VWPC Bluegrass

Feeding the Hungry
Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.


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