The Van Wyck News

Volume 5 Number 4
A Voice for Freedom             27 April 2013
Herb Blainey
     Van Wyck lost one of its stalwarts on  3 April when Herb Blainey passed away. An active member of the Community Development Club and also of Belair United Methodist Church, Herb was always there quietly doing whatever needed doing. He will be misssed.
     Memorials can be sent to the Belair United Methodist Church Building Fund, 8095 Shelly Mullis Road, Indian Land, SC  29707.

Van Wyck Development
    The brick yard has beeen torn down and  there is a very large area zoned I2 on both sides of it and extending down to and including the water treatment plant.  I2 is a zoning classification that allows industrial uses that tend to depreciate the values of surrounding properties such as concrete plants.
     In addition there is a rumor going around that the CSX Railroad has designated an area of Van Wyck on the west side of US 521 acress from the Waxhaw Road (Rte 75) intersection as "suitable for development" as a rail freight transfer and loading/unloading point. This means that the railroad would buy a large tract of land in the area adjacent to its rail line and build sidings and loading/unloading facilities on the land. This land is presently zoned residential and designated as "not suitable for development" on the County Future Land Use Map. Both designations would have to be changed by County Council before any development effort could be undertaken.
     County Council and the Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation are expected to start pushing this sort of development very hard in the next few months; residents of Van Wyck might want to begin thinking about what this means to their community.

Heavy Trucks on SC 75
    It is now clear that the source of the heavy trucks now using SC 75 is I-485 and the cheap gas now available in Indian Land. Traffic going east, north or west finds a gas stop in Indian Land attractive  because it is by far the cheapest gas for many miles and Indian Land is only three miles south of I-485.
    Traffic westbound on I-485 intending to go south on I-77 also finds a gas stop in Indian Land attractive due to low prices, even lower than those at the truck stops on Cherry Road at I-77 in Rock Hill. Once in Indian Land, their GPS units tell tham that it is quicker and shorter to get to I-77 at exit 85 via SC-160 through Fort Mill or at exit 77 via US-521, SC-75 and SC-5. Traffic has thus been diverted from the Interstate Highway System onto already crowded surface streets not designed to handle it.
     The new driving factor in all this is the wide availability of cell phone apps such as Gas Buddy, which report gas prices at nearby gas stations to drivers as they move along.
     This fiasco comes to you courtesy of your County Council, which allowed all those gas stations to locate in Indian Land without the road infrastructure to support them.
Gas station is a permitted use for property zoned B3; owners do not need additional permission to build a gas station. There are approximately 150 properties zoned B3 in the Indian Land Metropolitan Area, which is the area served by the Pleasant Valley and Indian Land Fire Districts.
     More than that, the ad hoc B3 Committee, which met during the spring of 2012 to consider B3 zoning problems in Indian Land, noted the increase in gas stations in Indian Land and recommended measures to control it. County Council refused to hear the report on the grounds that it was to be presented by a citizen rather than a member of the Planning Department.
    The situation is expected to worsen substantially as a number of additional gas stations, including at least one deep discount station, open in Indian Land during the during the next few months. There is little that the public can do about the situation. As SCDOT commented; "The roads are there; the public can certainly drive on them."

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CDC Meeting
     CrimeWatch will meet at 7:00 PM and the Community Development Club at 7:30 PM on 7 May 2013 in the Community Development Center.
     On 10 May the Community Development Club will host the Brooklyn Springs Elementary School from the City of Lancaster at the Community Development Center for a day of fun activities including the train and the gold mine. This activity is provided at no charge each year by the Club for these children from one of the poorest sections of the county.

Bluegrass 2 May
     The Community Development Club will host bluegrass in the Community Development Center from 7:00 to 9:30 PM on Thursday 2 May. Soup will be available for free until it runs out; light refreshments will be for sale. Admission is free but donations are always gratefully accepted.

Feeding the Hungry
     Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster.  If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.