The Van Wyck News

Volume 5 Number 8
A Voice for Freedom             20 July 2013
Aaron Morrison
     Aaron Morrison is not really a Van Wyckian, but is certainly a familiar figure around Van Wyck in his position as staff photographer for the Lancaster News and the Carolina Gateway. Aaron was injured in an automobile accident on Monday, 15 July and remains in the hospital in serious condition. Aaron and his family are in need of our thoughts and prayers for an early and complete recovery so he can get back on the street and continue putting our pictures in the paper.

Jim Massey
     It turns out that after several weeks of visits to physicians from Charleston to Charlotte and a couple of scheduled surgeries, what Jim Massey's heart really needs is a good game of tennis. This is certainly welcome news, although there has been considerable strain on Jim, his family and the Fire Department. Time for prayers of a different sort ths weekend.

     The Treetops situation continues to fester. The current proposed ordinance as submitted by the developer's consultant can be found here. This proposal will be discussed at the Planning Commission Work Session on 1 August and heard at the Planning Commission Business Meeting on 20 August. A Public Hearing on the Cluster Development proposal will be held at the 20 August meeting and the matter will go to County Council at a later date along with the Planning Department staff recommendations and the Planning Commission action. If the Cluster Development ordinance is adopted by County Council a separate ordinance will be proposed to develop the Treetops site in accordance with the new Cluster Development ordinance.
       This law is being specifically developed to allow putting 40% more houses on the Treetops site than would otherwise be possible - 900 homes rather than 550. The result will be a $400MM project rather than a $250MM project. A small city of 3000 people including 1000 children will be placed on 3/4 of a square mile about two miles from the intersection of Van Wyck Road and Rte. 521 - a city that there is no infrastructure to support. It would seem that new law is being developed specifically to put $150MM in the pocket of the developer in a project which is opposed by the community in which it is to be located. To my way of thinking developing new zoning law specifically opposed by members of the community  is not the role of the Planning Department and Planning Commission. We are preparing to repeat the mistakes that gave us the mess that is Indian Land, Edenmoor and similar disasters. If you would like to join the effort to stop this travesty, please drop me a line.

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Fall Festival
     The Van Wyck Fall Festival will be held on Saturday 7 September from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Community Center, 5036 Old Hickory Road. There will be all day fun, food, games and music with crafts, pony rides, the train, the gem mine and more. Flyer.

Feeding the Hungry
     Donations to Lancaster County food programs have fallen off recently. The recession increases the number of people facing hunger and the need for food.  The Van Wyck Press is happy to transport food to the agencies serving the needy in Lancaster. If you have food that you would like to donate and would like us to transport it for you, let me know.