The Van Wyck News

Volume 6 Number 14
A Voice for Freedom         29 July 2014
     It turns out that Matamy Homes withdrew the entire 900 home Treetops Cluster Development project from consideration, not just the Development Agreement, as previously reported. Matamy decided not to build the development after investing 18 months of effort and a lot of money into the project. This is a decision with serious implications for Cluster Developments south of the Indian Land Schools. Some combination of the fact that people will not buy homes in Indian Land to see their children bussed to Lancaster to school and the determined opposition of Van Wyck residents to Indian Land style development argue strongly against such developments being profitable.
     A group of Van Wyck residents is seeking to restore the Treetops Camp to the Treetops site. The County has indicated that the present zoning of the site would accommodate this use. Thompson, the present owner of the site, has lost it's tax exemption on this site and is having to pay $75k in property taxes every year, which should provide some incentive to get out from under.
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Capital Project Sales Tax
     At its meeting on 28 July 2014 County Council voted down the competing Transportation Sales tax, gave the Capital Project Sales Tax second reading and requested the Capital Project Sales Tax Commission to met yet again to revise its project list to include more and different roads. This time there may be some merit to the suggestion.
     When the Commission asked SCDOT for the list of roads needing work, it was provided with the "Act 114 List" of roads from which SCDOT selects the roads it will repair as funds become available. It turns out that there is another list of roads that are in such poor shape that they do not meet the repairability criteria to be included on the "Act 114 List." Riverside Road and Taxahaw Road are reported to be on this list along with many others. Apparently SCDOT does not intend to ever repair these roads, some of which are heavily used by citizens. This is new information and it makes sense for the Commission to consider using sales tax money to repair these roads, which may never be repaired otherwise.
     The Capital Project Sales Tax Commission will meet at 9:00 AM on Thursday, 31 August in the County Administration Building, 101 N. Main St., Lancaster to consider what modifications to its current proposal it might choose to make.
     This matter will be considered next at the 11 August County Council meeting, at which Council will need to either approve or reject the proposal presented by the Commission. Council has no authority to change the proposal and must submit anything to go on the ballot in November to the Elections Commission on or before 15 August.  

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LCEDC Strategic Plan
     The Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation is in the process of adopting a new strategic plan, and for the first time Van Wyck will have its own session on that plan. Joshua Langen, Project Manager with the Lancaster County Economic Development Corporation, is scheduled to speak at the 5 August meeting of the Community Development Club.   
CDC Meeting
     The Van Wyck Community Development Club will meet Tuesday, 5 August 2014 at the Community Development Center. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00 PM with a brief presentation by Josh Langen of the Lancaster Economic Development Corporation on his organization's new Strategic Plan. The meeting will emphasize preparations for the Celebrate Van Wyck event on 6 September and will include an update on the Treetops situation by Jack Wilt.     
J.R. Wilt, Editor