The Van Wyck News

Volume 6 Number 25
A Voice for Freedom      15 November 2014
     County Council gave First Reading to the three Treetops ordinances at its regular meeting on Monday 10 November 2014; the vote was  5 - 2 with Councilmen Estridge and Bundy opposed.
     County Council has somehow been persuaded that the 13 October Community meeting was held at the request of Lennar Homes and that the Lennar Homes presentation at the meeting convinced the Van Wyck community to accept the Lennar proposal. Anyone who attended that meeting knows otherwise; the meeting was originally about incorporation; Lennar requested and was granted a chance to speak to the community about the Treetops proposal. After the Lennar proposal was heard the community voted by show of hands on the Lennar proposal, rejecting it 10 to 1. The community then expressed overwhelming support for retaining the Treetops zoning as a camp, which would be a very strong asset for the community making no demands on infrastructure at all.
     County Council is saying that no one has come forward with a proposal to return Treetops to a camp. This is manifestly untrue, the fact is that as long as County Council is volunteering to rezone the Treetops property residential, which would increase the value of the property by a factor of 6 or 7, the owner is not going to entertain proposals to sell or develop Treetops as a camp. The problem is entirely with County Council and its "Van Wyck zoning is for sale, come on in and we'll talk price"  approach.  

County Posts "For Sale" Sign on Van Wyck
     County Council  has declared that the Treetops ordinances are a model for residential development in Van Wyck. County Council is saying that any developer with the legal right to purchase 25 or more acres of land in Van Wyck will be able to develop that land at 1.5 houses per acre in cluster development form whether local residents approve or not. All that is required is to follow the model provided in the Lennar Treetops ordinances and make the required payments to the County. As a result Van Wyck is crawling with developers seeking to put together proposals to submit to the new County Council in January. The minimum time required for County Council to approve these proposals is about 10 weeks, so approvals could start coming down in mid March 2015.
     Zoning, Future Land Use Maps and similar planning tools were created` to prevent property owners from developing their property in ways contrary to the interests of current residents. County council is willing to sell whatever changes are required in these legal protections for an appropriate price.
     Van Wyck needs to take control of this situation as rapidly as possible to avoid destruction.     

Incorporation Needed
     Incorporation as a town or a city would give Van Wyck control over land use in the incorporated area.  County Council would lose its right to issue development permits in the incorporated area, that right would pass to the Van Wyck Town Council, a body composed of and elected by residents of Van Wyck. The Van Wyck Incorporation Committee (J.R. Wilt, Rosa Sansbury and Keith Starnes recently joined by Sean Corcoran and Bill Acree) has been working on incorporation procedures since May, 2014 and is now accepting petitions to incorporate Van Wyck.
     Incorporation of Van Wyck is a two part process. Registered voters living in the Original Incorporation Area sign a petition requesting incorporation. Property Owners living outside the Original Incorporation Area sign an Annexation Petition requesting that their property be included in the Town of Van Wyck.   

Privacy Policy

Design Your City Event
     One of the benefits of incorporating Van Wyck is that Van Wyck residents can decide what kind of a city to have. It goes without saying that existing land uses should continue as is, but as people decide to develop land, what things should go into the city and where should they go? Should we preserve out farmland?  Our trees? Should we have a city center? If so, what should be in it and where should it go? Should we plan to have our own school system? If so, where should the schools go? Should we design a "Walk to School" residential area around the schools?  Do we need a local shopping area or should we drive to Indian Land to shop? The Dave Lyle Extension could be an important transportation outlet to I-77 and could have a commercial corridor around it similar to the one around the Rock Hill end of Dave Lyle Boulevard. This could be an important source of tax revenue for the City of Van Wyck. Do we want to do this? Van Wyck could extend from the southern border of Sun City all the way to Landsford State Park and from the river to the state line on the east. AJ State Park is in this area; how do we protect it and make it better?
     The Incorporation Committee is planning a major event to allow the community to input into the design of the City of Van Wyck and provide answers to questions such as these. The Catawba Region Council of Governments has agreed to provide skilled land use planners to help with this process, but the basic input should come from residents and land owners living in the Van Wyck area.  Look for an announcement next week.   

CDC Fall Calendar
29 November - Put up Poles for Lighting of the Way. Time TBA. Chili after.
2 December - Monthly Meeting at the Community center. CrimeWatch at 7:00 PM; CDC at 7:30 PM. 

13 December at Noon - Christmas Parade with Santa and Mrs. Claus inside the Community Center after the parade. Games and goodies too. Globes and candles out for Lighting of the Way after the parade. Flyer.
14 December, 4:30 PM - Lighting of the Way begins at the Post Office with a brief service and moves up Old Hickory Road lighting the candles with stops for brief services at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church and Van Wyck Methodist Church. The people then go to Trinity Presbyterian Church and White Oak AME Zion Church for brief services, and end up at the Community Center for hot cider and cookies. This year the poles will be left up until New Years Day so that the candles can be lit on New Year's Eve.        
J.R. Wilt, Editor