The Van Wyck News

Volume 6 Number 27
A Voice for Freedom      2 December 2014
Treetops - Operation Cramdown Continues
     County Council passed the Lennar Treetops ordinances 4 - 2 on 24 November 2014 with Councilmen Bundy and Estridge opposing. Councilman McCullough was not present. This was second reading; this matter will be in front of County Council at its 8 December meeting for a public hearing and third reading.
     The Lennar Treetops Cluster Development as currently proposed will be 50% age restricted to 55 years old and older and 835 total houses. It should be noted that there is no penalty for violating this provision of the Development Agreement other than loss of the agreement itself. Late in the build out cycle there is little value left in the development agreement, and it may well make sense to simply sell off the remaining houses, with a much greater than planned risk to the school district.
     Other restrictions will include residents paying a special tax district $90 per year for fire protection and a Homeowners' Association a fee for maintenance of the roads within the development.
     Lennar Homes, the developer, is asserting that children living in the proposed development will attend schools located in Lancaster City. This decision is not Lennar's to make. The Treetops property is presently in the attendance zone for Indian Land Schools. The addition of 417 or more students will cause the School District capacity problems that may require modification of the school attendance zones, which will negatively impact a large number of families and require the expenditure of tens of millions of dollars to build new schools.  
     Van Wyck residents have been opposing residential development of the Treetops property for more than two years. County Council has been determined to place a cluster development on the property for the same length of time.    

Rev. Dr. William M. Johnson
     Bill Johnson, interim Pastor of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church passed away on 24 November. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday 29 November 2014. Bill and Sandy raised a large family with several Pastors in it and retired to Sun City. Van Wyck was privileged to have Bill for the short time he was here. He was beloved for his wit and wisdom by all who knew him. He will certainly be missed.    
     The Incorporation Committee met with Robbie Moody, Senior Planner with the Catawba Region Council of Governments on 19 November to discuss how planning could help in developing a city. It seems obvious that it makes sense to put things where the infrastructure is in place to support them and that where reserve capacity is used up it will need eventually to be replaced. Failure to recognize and plan for these situations is the cause of many of Indian Land's difficulties today. 
     The Incorporation Committee will be meeting again next week to work on a Mission Statement and the basics of a development plan. These will be presented at a public meeting in January. Public comment is invited  on all aspects of the  plan.  Should we preserve and enhance our farmland? Our trees? Should we have a Town Center? If so, where should it be and what should be in it? Should we think in terms of having a Van Wyck School District? If so, where should the schools go? Should we think in terms of a Walk to School community? We will need commercial development; what kind of development should we seek and where should we put it?

Privacy Policy

James Brooks and Jeff Hammond
James Brooks Sworn In
     James Brooks was sworn in as a member of the Lancaster County School Board by Clerk of Courts Jeff Hammond before the School Board meeting on 18 November 2014. James Brooks, a resident of Van Wyck, was elected to the District 1 seat on the School Board on 4 November 2014 to serve until 2018.    

CDC Fall Calendar 
2 December - Monthly Meeting at the Community center. CrimeWatch at 7:00 PM; CDC at 7:30 PM.  
13 December at Noon - Christmas Parade with Santa and Mrs. Claus inside the Community Center after the parade. Games and goodies too. Globes and candles out for Lighting of the Way after the parade. Flyer.
14 December, 4:30 PM - Lighting of the Way begins at the Post Office with a brief service and moves up Old Hickory Road lighting the candles with stops for brief services at Van Wyck Presbyterian Church and Van Wyck Methodist Church. The people then go to Trinity Presbyterian Church and White Oak AME Zion Church for brief services, and end up at the Community Center for hot cider and cookies. This year the poles will be left up until New Years Day so that the candles can be lit on New Year's Eve.       
J.R. Wilt, Editor