The Van Wyck News

Volume 6 Number 29
A Voice for Freedom      24 December 2014
     We had hopes that the Treetops cluster development was stopped last summer when Mattamy Homes decided to pull out, but County Council was determined to put a cluster development on the Treetops site yet this year, faster than a second developer could move. They succeeded in pushing the paperwork through, and Lennar Homes now has permission from the County to build a cluster development on the Treetops site subject only to Lennar's decision to proceed before 15 October 2015.
     The Incorporation effort has been moving more slowly that it would have without the second Treetops project described above, but expects to sponsor a series of community meetings beginning in January to define what kind of government residents would like to build. We believe that there will be general agreement on basic features such as local schools, protection for agriculture and the need for transportation planning. The effort will move quickly into petition signing as it becomes clear that property owners will do far better in a community with a plan for long term success than with the County and its panic mode operation, forever seeking to build large developments without any plans for their long term success.

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CDC Meetings
No meeting in January 2015.
3 Februry 2015,
7 PM - CrimeWatch, 7:30 PM - CDC.    

2016 Elections
     It is not too soon to begin thinking about the 2016 elections; the primary elections will be in June 2016, less than 18 months away. Four County Council seats will be up for election, Districts 1 (McCullough), 3 (Bundy), 5 (Harper) and 7 (Carnes). School Board seats in Districts 2 (Faulkner), 4 (Sumner) and 6 (Gamble) will also be up for election. If things are to change in government, the people in these seats have to change, and the time to start planning is now.    
J.R. Wilt, Editor