The Van Wyck News

Volume 7 Number 9
A Voice for Freedom      19 July 2015
     Lennar Homes has purchased the Treetops property and started construction of the Lennar Treetops Cluster Development. Rumor has it that someone entered the site at night a few days ago, started up a bulldozer and did some damage, then parked the bulldozer ald left. Although this development was forced on an unwilling Van Wyck in an act of political power by County Council, this is not an appropriate way to show displeasure. Elections are coming next year and provide an appropriate way to get rid of  lawmakers exhibiting inappropriate behavior.       
Sheriff in Indian Land
     The Sheriff will be making a pitch for his Indian Land Special Tax District in the Indian Land Library at 7 PM on Monday, 20 July 2015. This would be a $75 per dwelling per year tax to provide enhanced police protection in the Indian Land area modeled after the Indian Land and Pleasant Valley Fire Fee Districts combined. The tax would yield about $1MM per year to form a Sheriff's Unit dedicated to the area providing the tax money., roughly from the state line on the north south to Rte 75 East (Waxhaw Road). Van Wyck is not included in this area; residents of Van Wyck will not have to pay the tax.
     The Sheriff has seen his budget decimated over the last three years as the County has declined to honor the obligations it undertook in 2013 when it accepted his 5 year plan. He is about $1MM/year short of the revenue targets established in that plan as a result of the County's refusal to provide this funding.
     The County is experimenting with ways to increase tax revenue that do not rely on the property tax with its Act 388 restrictions. Indian Land and Pleasant Valley bought off on Fire Fees; perhaps they will buy off on Police Protection Fees as well.  This would free up $1MM in the County General Fund budget.
     I would point out that a new EMS station is needed in the northern Indian Land area, and would be a good candidate for another Special Tax District in a few years.
     The procedure requires a non binding petition bearing the signatures of 15% of the registered voters in the affected area presented to County Council. County Council would then set up a proposed Special Tax District and an election anticipated for early 2016, perhaps in conjunction with the Presidential Primary. If the voters approve, taxes would be billed in October 2016 and money would start flowing in January 2017.  

UDO Rewrite
     The rewrite of the County's Uniform Development Ordinance is proceeding apace with a target adoption date of February 2016. The most current progress report can be found here. The current calendar of public meetings, etc. can be found here.
     Kara Drane, Senior Planner at the Catawba Region Council of Governments is responsible for the rewrite. Community meetings are planned for July and August to seek citizen input.  The public meetings at the Springdale Recreation Center on 25 August and the Indian Land Recreation Center on 1 September should be particularly noted. These will be extended periods of time when the public will be invited to come in and look at the maps and documents, ask questions and get them answered, make suggestions, etc.     

ILAC and Schools
     The Indian Land Action Council is becoming active once again and will be sponsoring a session on Indian Land Schools at their August meeting on Thursday 20 August at 7:00 PM in the Indian Land Library. Brian Endres, author of a recent editorial on an independent Indian Land School District, and James Brooks, District 1 School Board member will discuss the school situation in Indian Land. The meeting is open to the public.  
ILAC and Transportation
    The Indian Land Action Council (ILAC) has also formed a Roads and Transportation Committee, chaired by John Delfausse. This committee has really two charters, one dealing with the lack of maintenance of Indian Land roads and the other dealing with the traffic problems in Indian Land. John has been dealing with the Rock Hill - Fort Mill Area Transportation Study (RFATS) which has a regional perspective and access to regional planning money.     

ILAC and Developments
     The Indian Land Action Council has formed a committee to monitor building activity in the Indian Land area. The Commitee is chaired by Ben Levine and is charged with reporting the community perspective on various types of building developments.  Ben's committee will make sure that residents understand exactly what proposed changes in zoning, development agreements, curb cuts and traffic impact analyses mean to residents before projects are built. 

Privacy Policy

Betty Broome's Ingenious Patriotic Hat
Fourth Of July Party

      The Van Wyck Community Development Club and the Van Wyck Volunteer Fire Department teamed up to provide a delightful Fourth of July celebration at the Community Building. Hot dogs with all the fixings, lots of kids, friends and entertainment provided a very appropriate way to remember what this country is all about.

Celebrate Van Wyck
     12 September 2015, 10 AM - 4 PM at the Community Center. An old fashioned small town fall festival with vendors of all types, crafters, kids games, train, gold mine, etc. Vendor Application.   Flyer.    

CDC Activities  
4 August 2015 - CDC Meeting - 7:30 PM .
12 Sep 2015 - Fall Festival - 10:00 AM-4:00PM
24 October 2015 - Halloween Party
28 Nov 2015 - Put up poles for Lighting the Way
12 Dec 2015 - Christmas Parade - Noon
13 Dec 2015 - Lighting the Way - 4:00 PM 

J.R. Wilt Editor