The Van Wyck News

Volume 7 Number 10
A Voice for Freedom      25 July 2015
County Council's vision of the future of Van Wyck.
Treetops Today
     We fought for three years and won once, but Treetops finally succumbed to the bulldozers last week, a victim of greed and political ambition.  
County Roads
     The State Legislature has finally provided  the County Transport Commission with a little extra money with which to repair a few roads.In addition to the $1.2MM that  it receives in many recent years (enough to repair about 4 miles of two lane road), the CTC expects to receive about $3.9 MM. or a total of $5.1MM, enough to repair about 17 miles of roads. The Legislature, perhaps feeling guilt over its performance on road repair during the regular session, decided to devote some of its end of session money to road repair.
     Combined with the road repair money from the 1% sales tax last year. there should be a lot of road repair activity in the area over the next couple of years.
     With any luck, Rep. Ralph Norman and his Legislative Oversight Committee and Rep. Gary Simrill and his Gas Tax Committee will be able to come up with a sensible solution to the road repair situation next year that we can all get behind and solve this problem for good.

Rte 521 Overlay District
     The Rte 521/Rte 160 Corridor Overlay District was put into place a couple of years ago in an  attempt to clean up the appearance of these roads in Indian Land. New construction within 1000 feet of either side of the road is required to have a front appearance and a sidewalk next to the road with parking behind the buildings. Curb cuts are allowed every 100 feet. Square miles of trees will be destroyed along the road.
     The difficulty with this approach is that it destroys the functionality and appearance of the road. The trees that line the road now will be destroyed and replaced with building facades and sidewalks; the functionality of the road will be replaced with traffic lights.
     We don't need this foisted on us by politicians from outside the area as the Treetops development was foisted on us by County Council's Operation Cramdown. We need to go to the public meetings on the new UDO and make it clear that the Rte 521/160 Corridor Overlay ends at Rte 521 and Van Wyck Road. We also need to make it clear that the Dave Lyle Extension is very much needed.   

Dave Lyle Extension 
     The Economics Department at Winthrop University has updated its 2013 study (Executive Summary) of the economic benefit to Lancaster and York Counties of constructing the Dave Lyle Extension with a 2015 version.
     The Dave Lyle Extension, first brought up fifteen years ago, would provide a connection between Rte 521 near the Rte 75 East (Waxhaw Road) intersection and I-77 at the Dave Lyle interchange.
      With Rte 521 a parking lot north of Van Wyck Road much of the time, this short cut to I-77 is necessary and the hundreds of millions of dollars in  positive economic impact to the region each year would be very welcome.
Privacy Policy

Indian Land Schools
    Should Indian Land have its own school district?  This question will be  discussed at the Indian Land Action Council meeting on 20 August  at 7:00 PM in the Del Webb Library in Indian Land. Division of the Lancaster County School District into Indian Land and Lancaster/Buford/AJ School Districts would be a long and difficult process, but would free up Indian Land to pursue its own destiny and would free the L/B/AJ District from the constant demands produced by the rapid growth of Indian Land. Will the costs of doing this and the inevitable duplication of effort involved in having two central office staffs rather than one be worth the benefit? Brain Endres, author of a recent communication in the Carolina Gateway on this topic, will present his views on the subject. James Brooks, District 1 member of the Lancaster County School Board will also discuss the overcrowding situation with Indian Land Schools. Come with your questions and ideas.    

CDC Activities  
4 August 2015 - CDC Meeting - 7:30 PM .
12 Sep 2015 - Fall Festival - 10:00 AM-4:00PM
24 October 2015 - Halloween Party
28 Nov 2015 - Put up poles for Lighting the Way
12 Dec 2015 - Christmas Parade - Noon
13 Dec 2015 - Lighting the Way - 4:00 PM     

J.R. Wilt Editor