The Van Wyck News

Volume 7 Number13
A Voice for Freedom     2 November 2015
School Bond
     The School District Facilities Needs Committee has been working diligently to fulfill its task by its 6 December deadline. There will be an update presented with an opportunity for questions at the Indian Land Action Council meeting on 19 November at 7:00 PM in the Del Webb Library in Indian Land. J.R. Wilt from the Facilities Needs Committee will discuss the Facilities Needs program and James Brooks from the School Board will be available for qustions. The Facilities Needs Commitee will not have completed its work at that point, so it will not be possible to discuss specific projects, but it will be possible to discuss the nature of the very large opportunity that is in front of the District, answer some questions, dispel some rumors and generally clear the air a little.
     So come, bring your questions, concerns, hopes, fears and rumors and let's spread some truth and understanding.

CDC Activities
3 November 2015 - CrimeWatch - 7:00 PM
3 November 2015 - CDC Meeting; 7:30 PM
28 November 2015 - Put up poles on the Way
12 December 2015 - Christmas Parade; Noon
13 December 2015 - 4:00 PM; Lighting the Way
J.R. Wilt Editor

IL Incorporation Effort Now Includes Van Wyck
     The incorporation question raised its head again a few days ago when representatives of the resurrected Indian Land incorporation effort visited VanWyck. The purpose of the visit was to inform us that they planned to do Van Wyck the favor of including the area  down at least to North Corner Road within the city limits of the new City of Indian Land. When my reaction was less than positive, I was informed that they had the votes to do this whether Van Wyck approved or not, and were sure that Van Wyck would eventually see the wisdom of their plan after it was carried out.
     If the arrogance and attitude seem familiar, it may be because the individuals involved were two of the County officials that did Van Wyck the favor of replacing the Treetops Camp with the Treetops cluster development now being built on Van Wyck Road despite more than two years of determined resistance by the people of Van Wyck.
     The only ways for Van Wyck to avoid being incorporated into a City of Indian Land as these people say they plan to do is to incorporate itself first as the Town of Van Wyck or to hope that the effort to incorporate Indian Land fails or decides to leave Van Wyck alone.
     The previous work on incorporating Van Wyck is still available should the people of Van Wyck choose to pursue this option. It was put aside against this sort of need, not discarded.

Privacy Policy

Rachel Graham
Halloween Party

     The festivities began at 4:00 PM on Saturday 24 October at the Community Center with games, the train ride, the bounce house, etc. Hot dogs, drinks and chips were available at no charge beginning at 4:30 PM. The Costume Contest began at 5:30 PM followed by the Candy Walk. This was a great party, enjoyed by all who attended.