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Volume 7 Number 14
A Voice for Freedom      10 December 2015
Van Wyck Town Hall Meeting
5 January 2016 - 7:00 PM
Community Building, 5036 Old Hickory Road. Come and get your questions answered about the School District Bond and IL/VW Incorporation.  This meeting is open to the public and will be on the record with news media invited.    

School District Facilities Needs Committee
     The School District's Facilities Needs Committee  has completed its work and submitted its report to the Board of Education. The Board of Education has asked its staff to prepare a $199MM bond issue and referendum to fund a new, 1500 seat Indian Land High School, a third 970 seat Indian Land Elementary School and large, multipurpose buildings for the Andrew Jackson, Buford and Lancaster school systems. The new IL Elementary School is planned for land the District already owns in Van Wyck. The District is searching for land on which to build the new high school. A complete list of projects to be included in the bond is attached. The bond is expected to generate a 15 mil tax increase over 20 years.
     Next steps include approval of the bond issue and project list by the Board of Education, expected at the 15 December meeting of the Board. The referendum election on the bond issue is presently scheduled for 22 March 2016.
    Indian Land is growing at about 200 students per year while the rest of the District is slowly shrinking. Chart. The expansion of the Indian Land Schools to be provided by the bond issue needs to last at least 10 years. If the County builds houses at a rate that uses this Indian Land capacity in a short time, there will be no alternative to busing Indian Land students long distances to other school systems. Indian Land must get its residential growth under control.
     School District Basics today:
Students: Total - 12,400; IL - 3767 (30.4%)
Student Capacity - 14767; IL - 3848 (26.1%)
Voters: Total - 51132; IL - 20735 (40.55%)
Assessed Valuation: Total - 100%; IL - 54% 

Indian Land/Van Wyck Government
     There is little question that the Indian Land/Van Wyck area has been poorly served by county government over the last few years. The County has pursued a policy that all residential and industrial development is good and that the benefits provided by industrial development justify the giving away of most of the property taxes normally associated with such development. Little effort has been made to discover and provide for needs of a community beyond basic police, fire and EMS services, and even these are seriously neglected at times. The County has been willing to use up infrastructure such as roads, streets and schools, but not willing to replace infrastructure, with the result that the School District faces a capacity crisis in Indian Land and Rte. 521 north of Van Wyck Road is a monster traffic jam. Taxpayers are being presented with the bill to fix the school system at left.
     It should be absolutely clear that it is not necessary to travel this path. Growth is not inevitable, nor is it mandated because a developer wants it. Laws are in place that allow growth to be controlled; the growth you get is the growth you permit. County Council has just spent two years and $200k updating its Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Ordinance; the UDO is not yet finished and may not be finished until June 2016. These ordinances will provide the tools needed to control growth.
     What is required in addition to tools is resolve on the part of County Council, which must come from the voters all over the County. Indian Land has two members of County Council. In order to do anything, at least two other members of Council must join with the two from Indian Land.
     There is a County Council election next year with Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7 up for election. The Indian Land districts are 1 and 7, 3 is Buford and 5 is Elgin. I will be out there plugging for the School District Bond Issue because there is no better way to fix the problems in Indian Land and because the improvements to be made in in Buford, AJ and Lancaster will have profound positive effects on students in those schools. I will also be running for County Council in District 1 pledged to finding a better way to run the County without the expense and sacrifice associated with imposing another layer of government. I am totally opposed to allowing Indian Land to take over Van Wyck. Van Wyck has its own destiny to fulfill.



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Rev. Mrs. Carson Overstreet and Nephew Isaac
VWPC's New Pastor
     Van Wyck Presbyterian Church installed its new Pastor on 15 November 2015 amid much joy and anticipation. Rev. Mrs. Carson Overstreet came to Van Wyck from Tupelo, MS where she was serving as Associate Pastor. She is joined by her husband Doug and two daughters.        
CDC Activities
12 December 2015 - Christmas Parade - Noon
     Christmas Parade Brochure
13 December 2015 - 4:30 PM; Lighting the Way
      Begins at Van Wyck Post Office. The Way will be lit on 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 31 December beginning at 5:00 PM.   
January 2016 -  2:00 PM . Poles down.     
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