The Van Wyck News

Volume 8 Number 2
A Voice for Freedom    16 January 2016
Voters For a Town of Indian Land and the Truth
Will incorporation require a property tax increase?
TOIL Website 9 Jan 16 - No property tax increase - we have enough money coming into cover our costs as verified by MASC and are   our costs low by contracting for services from the County.
TLN Article 6 Jan 16 - "Budget will be about $6.8MM . . .incorporation may require a 'reasonable property tax'  . . .for which the owner of a $250k property would pay about $150 per year in municipal taxes..."
TOIL Website 12 Jan 2016 - Budget will be $7.7MM, cost to the owner of a $250k house will be $248 per year.
Reality Check -  The numbers reported in the latest TOIL website seem to reflect current levels of service and ongoing support from Lancaster County. This may be satisfactory at the moment of incorporation, but state law provides a two year period for the Town of Indian Land to assume its full financial responsibilities.
     During this time the Town will be expected to assume the full cost of these services. In addition, unsatisfactory levels of service was one of the prime reasons to have a Town in the first place. As soon as residents realize that levels of service have actually decreased under the new Town, demands for the promised increased service levels will begin.
     There are four Town in South Carolina with populations between 18k and 23k people. These Towns all have water and sewer systems that provide them revenue and have budgets ranging from $12.6 to $18.1MM, a far cry from the $7.7MM proposed by TOIL. Large property tax increases are clearly in the early years of TOIL        

IL/VW Incorporation
     It became clear about a year ago with the adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan and the work on the new UDO that the County was not going to pursue intensive development of the Van Wyck area. Instead Van Wyck would be allowed  to develop as a high end residential area of large houses on large lots in accordance with the wishes of current Van Wyck residents and the capabilities of current infrastructure. Several years of work by residents of Van Wyck have gone into  getting the new Comprehensive Plan and UDO set up to permit this.
There is an enormous amount of money to be made by building out Van Wyck and expanding Indian Land into a city of perhaps 50,000 people. This money will not be made if Van Wyck is allowed to develop as a large houses on large lots community.  Some developers, and perhaps others as well, feel that Van Wyck should be built out and this money should be made whatever the wishes of the residents and the County.
     Thus the Voters for a Town of Indian Land effort was born. Make no mistake, the choice that the Indian Land and Van Wyck voters will make when voting on the Town of Indian Land Incorporation Proposal is a choice between developing a large city where Indian Land/Van Wyck is now on one side and allowing the Van Wyck area to develop as a rural living area of large houses on large lots under the County on the other. Developing Van Wyck into a city is what the Town of Indian Land people mean by "managing growth." Making large amounts of money by destroying the land is the name of the game.
     The TOIL people are assuming that Van Wyck people are too "countrified" and stupid to see the opportunity to make large amounts of money by developing the land in Van Wyck. "Those poor people, we want to give them the opportunity to have what we have" they say from their expensive houses 15 feet apart through the additional layer of government represented by Homeowners Associations..
     Van Wyck people see things differently. They are well aware of the situation in Indian Land and have no wish to live that way. They prefer to live on land being used as land, growing trees, crops and wildlife as opposed to being simply a platform to support houses.

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8th Year Celebration
     We celebrate the opening of the eighth year of publication of the Van Wyck News.    
ILAC Meeting
     The Indian Land Action Council will be meeting on Thursday 21 January at 7:00 PM in the Indian Land Library to hear the presentation by the Indian Land Incorporation people that are attempting to incorporate Van Wyck into Indian Land. The format will be a presentation followed by questions from the floor. I asked for rebuttal time and was refused with the comment that there would not be enough time, which is probably true. They did say that if a group from Van Wyck wanted to ask for time they would try to schedule it for a different meeting.
     Van Wyck people need to show up for this meeting to protest the inclusion of Van Wyck in the TOIL, assert that Van Wyck has no interest in being included in the TOIL and the ever present and as yet unanswered question "What are you going to do for me after you require me to be in your town and raise my taxes?"
     The meeting will be crowded; get there early to be sure of a seat.          

J.R. Wilt Editor