The Van Wyck News

Volume 8 Number 8
A Voice for Freedom     6 July  2016
Van Wyck Incorporation
     I hive been able to contact the staff of the Joint Legislative Committee on Municipal Incorporations to discuss the procedures followed by the Committee and a possible schedule. It turns out that there is a second municipality seeking incorporation that is not as far along as we are and the Committee is hoping to be able to schedule these two hearings at the same meeting, perhaps in the first part of October. This will be a public hearing at which we will be expected to make a presentation and answer questions about how the proposed Town of Van Wyck will work. Members of the Committee include Senators, House members and town and county managers; detailed questions can be expected on all facets of the proposed Town government. The Committee can approve, deny or request revision or additional information concerning the Incorporation Proposal. If the Incorporation Proposal is approved, we will have a maximum of 90 days from that date to conduct an Incorporation Election.
     We have much to do to prepare for this meeting. We are still hung up on the Annexation matter, which must succeed if the new Town of Van Wyck is to be financially viable. The Community Fundraising aspect of the Incorporation Proposal has gone nowhere. We need to be looking at initial municipal codes to adopt.  

UDO Public Input Session
7 July 2016 6:30 PM
County Administration Building

     The new UDO has been only about 65% released to date, but a public input session has been provided so that the public may comment in advance of the public hearing. Obviously the first public comment should be the inappropriateness of expecting the public to comment on sections of the UDO which have not yet been released to the public or have been released only within the last few days. 
     A problem for Van Wyck which has been released is the fact that the Van Wyck area has been provided with its own zoning, known as Rural Neighborhood, RN. where previously the entire area from University Drive to Sun City was zoned Rural Residential, RR. The as yet unpublished reason for the change is that mobile homes are not allowed by right in zoning RN while they are allowed by right in RR. An obvious reason is to provide the Van Wyck area (between Rte. 5 and Sun City) with a higher housing density than the southern area, a change much desired by developers but anathema to residents, who want Van Wyck to remain mixed use rural in nature, with agricultural and large lot residential uses coexisting. Ms. Kara Drane assures me that the housing density will be the same in RR as it is in RN at 1 house per acre, although the part of the UDO that will contain this information has not yet been published. .
     The Cluster Development and Highway Corridor overlay Districts are brought forward into the new UDO, causing serious problems for future generations. The Cluster Development Overlay allows the buildable portion of the development to be built at very high housing density which is then  averaged together with the very low densities in the undependable areas if the site to obtain an apparent lower density for the property as a whole. In the case of the Treetops property, the total site consists of 622 acres but the buildable portion is only about 250 acres due to the presence of a large flood plain. The zoning would have permitted 1.5 houses per acre on the buildable portion only, or 375 houses. Using the Cluster Development Overlay,the builder was able to place 822 houses on the 250 acres of buildable land (3.3 houses per buildable acre) while making no provision for the feeder roads and School District seats necessary to support such a large addition to the Van Wyck Community. We need no more of this kind of development in Van Wyck. A resident protest against the Cluster Development Overlay is certainly in order at Thursday's meeting.
     The Highway Corridor Overlay is in effect from the intersection of Rte 75 East and Rte 521along Rte 521 north to the state line and along Rte 160 from the intersection with Rte 521 to the York County Line. It provides development standards for all properties within 1000 feet of the Rte 521 and Rte 160 rights of way. In particular, it requires that all commercial development face the road behind a sidewalk. This will have the effect of eliminating the possibility of widening the road downstream - an extremely foolish move in a rapidly expanding area.

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Fantastic 4th of July Party
    The Volunteer Fire Department and the Community Development Club combined to provide a spectacular nation's birthday party.    
Henry and Glenda Manus
50th Wedding Anniversary
    Henry and Glends Manus celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday  26 June 2016  with a reception at  the Van Wyck Presbyterian Church.    
J.R. Wilt Editor